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Battle Cry on the Streets

Street Harassment is an issue that has been widely discussed on this blog. It has been established that street harassment is NOT okay, but do the harassers think they are harassing? Probably not. As previously mentioned, there are multiple ways to protect oneself from street harassment. However, what if that is not enough? Would we need to threaten and lash out violently against harassers? What if there was a rally protesting against street harassment? What would it look like?

News of A Battle Cry is a short video illustrating the possible ways someone may react towards being street harassed. However, one must think about it, desperate times call for desperate measures. So how do you fault someone for protecting themselves with a frying pan or knife? What if the street harassment was only the beginning of sexual assault?

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Walking Pieces of Meat

Above video is called Meat, a short 3 minute video made by Samantha Riddell and Shanika Powell. Through this video, they take us on a journey of role-reversal between men and women. By showing how it feels for women to be on the streets while being objectified. Objectification of a woman can occur anywhere and everywhere by anyone. So through this role-reversal of the cat-calling, the staring and the harassment, we are given a whole new perspective of street harassment. What would it be like for men to be the ones being objectified and cat-called upon?

This short video illustrates street harassment with a twist in perspective. Although it is made to be comedic, we must delve deeper into the issue that is being exposed: street harassment. Street harassment is basically what is shown above. However, some may ask what is so wrong about that? It is wrong on so many levels. There are many ways to show your appreciation to a women and objectifying them by their body parts is one of the paths that should NOT be taken. (In Meat, it would be “Jordan.”)

Hollaback! and Stop Street Harassment are two of the many websites that is dedicated to fighting against street harassment. Through these sites, anyone can spread awareness of sexual harassment by sharing their stories and experiences of street harassment. There are also apps to help people have a safety net through the use of their smartphones. Circle of 6 and bSafe are two apps that promote one’s safety and protection from harassment of any type. Just with a few touches on your smartphone and your family members or friends will know how to help you when you need the help.

Street harassment will always occur anywhere, anytime, and regardless of who you are with at the moment. Tell your story and do not let your harasser get away by making you feel like a walking piece of meat.

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Touching, Mouthes, and Vaginas.

Previously, the topic was objectification of women. Included was a quote by Anna Quindlen: “What is female and what is sexual?” The better question would be: what is female and what is sexual harassment?

According to The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment violates Title VII and is a sex discrimination. EEOC defines sexual harassment as:

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual’s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment.

However, sexual harassment is not only a problem in the work place but a problem many face in everyday life… Sometimes harassment may occur when you least expect it: On the Streets.

Harassment by delviking, on Flickr

Link to above image.

What allows men to street harass women? Stoya [NOTE: Not suitable for work or children under 18!] claims that even before she entered her field of choice, she was harassed by men. She mentions that she receives more respect from pornography fans than walking on the streets. In her own words:

Let me remind you that in a room of pornography fans, who have actually seen me with a dick in my mouth and who can buy a replica of my vagina in a can or box, I am treated with far more respect than I am walking down the street.

Porn stars have feelings and are no less human than me and you. So what makes it okay to grope them whenever you feel like it? It is NEVER alright to touch others inappropriately no matter the situation. The quote causes me to truly wonder where the respect for people has disappeared to. Has our society morphed to such a distorted state where we are no longer able to respect others?

This past wednesday around 2pm by the park on 1st Ave. and 68th St., I experienced verbal sexual harassment first hand. My mother and I passed a group of high school aged males while walking to New York Presbyterian Hospital. Upon passing, one of the guys said, “Excuse me, I would like to put my dick in your mouth.” I pretended not the hear the comment and just kept walking. While walking I was tempted to turn around and take a photo of them to post here, however I did not. After reading the first 4 sentences of Professor Daniel’s article,  Rethinking Cyberfeminism: Race, Gender and Embodiment, I wish I took a picture.

It was shocking to even HEAR this type of comment let alone it coming from a high school kid’s mouth! What gives anyone the right to say such vulgar comments to anyone? Those types of comments are just utterly disgusting and it makes people think less of you, so why do it?

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