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Women ARE Objects.

Why are women commonly objectified by their body parts? Women are often “checked out” by both: men and women, whether or not we are conscious of our own actions. According to the article written by Stephanie Pappas, media can be blamed for why women are thought of as either a pair of legs, boobs, or a piece of ass. Within media we often see women dressed in scantily clad clothing accentuating these particular body parts. Media has played an important role in influencing this change within our society. Sarah Gervais, a psychologist at University of Nebraska said, “Women’s bodies and their body parts are used to sell all sorts of products, but we are now for everyday, ordinary women, processing them in a similar way.” Now, it is common to see women dressed in shirts with necklines that show cleavage paired with either skinny jeans or leggings. Sometimes it may even seem as if women are competing to see who can dress the least without being written up by police for public indecency. How do you not objectify someone when they are dressed “sexily” to purposely turn heads and get noticed? Although it is a proven fact that both men and women objectify women, men are often heard or seen objectifying women.

From The Chive (Link of Above Video)

Gervais said, “Everyday, ordinary women are being reduced to their sexual body parts.” Women being objectified creates lots of problems and one of them being breastfeeding. Public breastfeeding is a necessity for nursing mothers that take their child out while running errands. In David Horsey’s article about breastfeeding mothers, he believes that breastfeeding women should be given their privacy regardless of the setting the mother is nursing in. Be it a quiet library or a busy shopping mall, women shouldn’t be gawked at by others for breastfeeding their child. It may be possible that the idea of breastfeeding, especially in public is completely uncomfortable or bizarre to many people. The whole idea is ironic as scantily clad women are photographed to be used as lingerie advertisement yet it is unusual for women to nurse their child in public. David quoted a columnist, Anna Quindlen saying,

“the subtext of the public breast-feeding battle is the inability to make a distinction between what is female and what is sexual, what is indecent and what is utilitarian.”

In conclusion, today’s society it is considered normal for women to be objectified by wearing close to nothing yet it is indecent for a mother to nurse their child in public. How does that work?

David Horsey / Los Angeles Times (July 12, 2012)

From: Los Angeles Times by David Horsey

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