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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Street harassment is not okay, but is cyber-harassment okay? New Media has created a space for everyone around the world to express their ideas and opinions freely. However, sometimes those expressions of opinions are abused by users.

Cyber-harassment occurs in many forms on the internet. In Dan Pearson’s article, Woman Vs. Internet: How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls, he is quoted saying:

Sex sells, and if you’re selling to a straight male audience, that means sexualising women. It’s economics, but it’s no excuse for culturally retrograde action…online abuse from gamers is often well beyond that experienced in almost any other setting, anonymity and distance giving false courage to the voices of idiots

The results of sexualizing women in games is cyber-harassment. Online games such as, Runescape, over-sexualize their female characters which often cause other players within the game to follow you around. Usually these male gamers ask one of the following questions: “Can you be my girlfriend?” “You look hot.” or some vulgar language stranded to formulate a sentence. Pearson is correct about the anonymity giving gamers courage to say what they normally would not utter. Anonymity gives us all a way to socialize with others however, is it good that it also gives people courage to harass others?

New Media has provided us with a platform where we can send direct messages to our favorite celebrities. The same issue arises as anonymity gives people courage to voice their opinions no matter how rude it is. However, we often forget that celebrities are also human no matter if they seem untouchable. They are also people who have feelings that will react towards whatever is written about them, to them. We often hide behind the internet and speak our minds, however, sometimes we forget that behind another computer or phone there is another person who has feelings. How would you feel if someone wrote something mean about you, to you? So think before you tweet/text/write.

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