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Election: Celebrity Presence

Today is Election Day. Where children are off from public schools, yet are not the ones who are voting tomorrow. I was ruminating on that idea all of yesterday, it does not make sense!

One interesting event that has occurred during the campaign trails this year is the active role of celebrity in politics. No, I am not talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am talking about all the celebrities that have been placing endorsements towards a particular presidential candidate: President Barack Obama.

From my previous post, Red, White and Time Turner?, Cher and Kathy Griffin appeared in a video that was very anti-Romney, however, it was also a plea for women to go vote. Below, Chris Rock makes his statement to vote for President Obama through his expertise, comedy.

Other celebrities showing their support for President Obama include: Beyonce and Cynthia Nixon. Beyonce shows her support and appreciation of President Obama in a letter that she wrote (Letter) and posted on her website. Cynthia Nixon showed her support for President Obama by traveling down to Ybor City, Florida and giving a speech. In this speech, she talks about how it would not have been possible to marry her partner if it were not for Obama’s support for gay marriage. Also, she tells the audience that:

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha would totally be Camp Obama.

Those ladies mentioned above are from Sex and the City, for those who do not know. The idea is quite interesting as Cynthia utilizes her star power to convince voters to vote for President Obama. In the bigger picture, all these celebrities are using their star power to help hopefully win the election.

Celebrities are not the only ones utilizing the media to voice their pleas and support for President Obama. Many YouTube videos have been made in regards to the election. Two of the many videos creatively used the popular song, “Gangnam Style” by Psy to express their stance on the election.

This first video is called: “Obama Style”

Finally, this last one is called: “Mitt Romney Style”

Now it is time for YOU to decide and vote Today, November 6, 2012. OUR future depends on each and every vote.

Via Women’s Rights News Facebook Page

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Red, White and Time Turner?

via BadAstronomy

Hmmm…50 years back. Would this place us in a time where women are suppose to be perfect housewives and have dinner on the table by the time their husband comes home from work?

This year’s election has been deeply entwined with women’s health rights. Both on the presidential and congressional level, there has been a significant focus placed on women’s health rights. The topic often discussed amongst the political candidates has been: Rape and Abortion.

Via Women’s Rights News Facebook Page

Problem: Most of these congressional candidates are white males with similar socioeconomic statuses. In addition, these men did not experience pregnancy, giving birth nor the affects of pregnancy on one’s body. So why are these MEN deciding what WOMEN should do with their bodies? Abortion is a right not a privilege! Therefore, it is not only important to vote for the right president, we have the responsibility as citizens to vote for the right congress-representatives.

[Personally I disagree with Cher, on her comparison of Paul Ryan looking like Dracula, he looks more toad-like. However, this is not the place to make disparaging remarks on his person.]

Solution: Do not vote for them. By voting, we are able to stop these anti-women’s rights congressmen from being re-elected. Every vote does count. I have only brushed lightly upon the major issues that are being discussed this year for the election. So keep yourself informed and make the right decision.

Fun Fact: “This year there are 163 women nominees for Congressional seats.”

In Megan Reback’s post, Is This the Year We’ll Get a Congress That Looks Like America?, she mentions that if 87 of the 163 women nominees get elected into congress, then 20% of Congress will consist of women. IF 87 women to get elected just to get 20%! That is barely 50%. However, these 163 women come from a all different backgrounds. Reback’s purpose for writing the article is to give us, readers, a vague sense of how outnumbered we are outnumbered gender-wise at Congress. In addition, she hopes that these women nominees would be a major contribution to Congress with their diverse backgrounds if they get elected.

This election is a decisive one, an election that will determine if we take a step into the future or a step into the past. Therefore, go VOTE on this Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Now I leave with some food for thought:

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