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We Are Stronger Together.

From Into Our Own Hands, a sentence within the reading was very interesting:

A Good Story is crucial because it opens up a

space where woman triumph together.”

~ Sandra Morgen

          The good story could be an opportunity or cause that creates a space or a platform where women stand together to fight for change. There have been many women in history that used their actions to inspire change in others. One of Dorothea Dix’s advocacies led to awareness of the mentally ill and to the founding of 32 mental hospitals within the United States. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony fought for women’s suffrage as gender equality was not included within the 14th or 15th amendments. Helen Keller conquered her blindness and deafness to raise awareness of the physically disabled.

          These trailblazing women fought for what they felt was right and therefore sparked others to fight for their rights. One woman can plant the seed or idea but it will take every individual’s effort to make the world feel the changes they try to implement. First Lady Michelle Obama is a perfect modern day example of a woman who is able to instill ideas within others. From the Ellen Degeneres Show to the Democratic National Convention, she has mesmerized anyone who has seen her on television. During her Democratic National Convention speech (DNC speech), she gave a moving and amazing presentation based on her own background and experiences. Her speech showed Americans that she and the president began the same way as everyone else. Although she briefly mentions the causes her husband stands for, her belief in those ideals could be felt. The difference between Michelle Obama and a lot of other political figures is that she willingly engages and connects with her audiences. Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Campaign is a fight against childhood obesity, and she often is seen joining the children in the activities. Within her DNC speech the First Lady said, “At the end of the day, my most important title is ‘Mom-In-Chief’.” Her ability to join the kids and participate in any activity while possibly wearing high heels is astounding. However, that statement rings truth as she is able to show it through her actions when she interacts with any children, even if they are not her own.

One woman can sway the masses to join the effort, such as Rosie the Riveter from World War II to Michelle Obama. They are able to push women to action, but it takes the individuals to make that action become a reality.

Taken From Facebook Page of ‘Women’s Rights News’

Women’s Rights News Page

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