Battle Cry on the Streets

Street Harassment is an issue that has been widely discussed on this blog. It has been established that street harassment is NOT okay, but do the harassers think they are harassing? Probably not. As previously mentioned, there are multiple ways to protect oneself from street harassment. However, what if that is not enough? Would we need to threaten and lash out violently against harassers? What if there was a rally protesting against street harassment? What would it look like?

News of A Battle Cry is a short video illustrating the possible ways someone may react towards being street harassed. However, one must think about it, desperate times call for desperate measures. So how do you fault someone for protecting themselves with a frying pan or knife? What if the street harassment was only the beginning of sexual assault?

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2 thoughts on “Battle Cry on the Streets

  1. lol this is hilarious…i almost died sam at it again

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