My name is Christine Yau and I am a junior at Hunter College. I am currently studying Psychology with aspirations to minor in both, Chinese and Film. Upon graduating from Hunter College, I will return to school for the accelerated nursing program to obtain my Bachelors of Nursing (BSN). For my future career, I hope to either work as a military nurse or a pediatrics nurse.

“Feminism, New Media, and Health” is my first honors colloquia. Upon reading the course description for this class, I hoped that the topics discussed would ignite my interest and passion for the class. Since I am hoping to minor in film, the media aspect of the class is definitely a great interest to me. In addition, I foresee that my psychology major will also play a huge role in learning within the class as health can involve mental health. The issue could also be about the psychological effects of media on a person’s health.

My future career is nursing and therefore the medical field. I wish to learn about the health aspect of this class the most. How can new media affect one’s mental or physical health? How can new media spread people’s voice against a political debate on a person’s health? What is the feminist stand on certain health issues? These are one of the many questions that I hope this class would answer. By the semester’s end, I hope the three seemingly individual topics will be meshed together to form a single entity.

For “Feminism, New Media, and Health” as a whole, I wish to see how we will utilize the new age of technology to learn and gain knowledge of feminist ideas and views on health.  In addition to taking this class, I am also taking Health Psychology. Since these two classes are closely related, it will give me an even better understanding of what Health is as a whole.

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